If you’re here reading this sentence, it simply means my website is working! Special thanks to immygraphics for helping behind the scenes and getting this site up and running for me.

My publisher reminded me that it’s 2021 and although I’m a BiblioKid Publishing author and have great exposure on the website, she suggested I needed my own website to make my official stamp as an author-entrepreneur, so here goes.

Currently, you can learn about me and book a virtual storytelling experience on my website. Read about what excites me, my passion for literacy, and learn about what inspired the writing of “The Bedtime Story Race,” available anywhere books are sold on November 9, 2021:


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Also on my website, download your free coloring sheets and submit your name and contact information to be added to our mailing list so that you can keep up with me.

Thanks for visiting my website, and please be sure to follow me @shelcurry on Facebook and Instagram.

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